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Shorty’s True American Roadhouse

When you walk into Shorty’s True American Roadhouse in Toledo, two things hit you when you enter the dining room: the layout of the place and the beautiful lingering of aromatic wood. Smoke, baby.  Before you sit down, it’s obvious you’re about to partake in something special. Something in the atmosphere has a calming effect on me. The smoke and wood play like an aroma therapy session for the senses. The vapor gets into my mind, takes me to a better place—a land flowing with brisket, pulled pork, and barbecue sauce. I inhale deeply. I want to hang-out in this place; sit fire-side with a glass of wine or a cold beer, not just stuff my face with smoked meats...but first things first. 
We moseyed over to the outdoor seating area—an enclosed patio with a bar and another fireplace in the center.  We were the only table in the outdoor area, initially, but our server greeted us with a smile and menus.  The night was a little crisp—low 60’s. We sat next to the fireplace which was putting off a…

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